Who we are and what we do

Clean Tasty Dirty is your healthy fast food option. We source only from sustainable local farmers to create cleaner, tastier and better meals. Enjoy meat like you’re supposed to – without the guilt for your health and the environment.

It’s the place to catch up with family after weeks apart or chill out with friends after a hectic day at work. Or you can simply grab a quick bite during breaks! Our goal is for you to enjoy booze, banter and all the casual fun of a fast food restaurant but with cleaner options.

What’s in store for the future?

Clean Tasty Dirty is working on our own sustainable kitchen, using only recycling material and reducing as much waste as possible. We want the best practices for our health and our environment, and the kitchen is one of the places that improvement starts. 

We’re also looking forward to getting our menu items to you as easy as possible. We’re setting up home delivery services with app platforms and our online store. 

We also have our eyes on drive thru services, so it’s easier for you to pick up your clean, tasty and dirty meal options! 

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You can find Clean Tasty Dirty at our store, online and at your local Perth festivals and events.